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Our many years of manufacturing tents and hunting elk here in Colorado have helped us to determine the key features needed to make quality outdoor tents and gear. So whether you call it a canvas tent, wall tent, hunting tent or outfitter tent you can rest assured because we have been making tents and other canvas related products to the highest of standards for over 50 years.

Make your home away from home a Davis Wall Tent

Davis Tent has earned the reputation as a trusted and dependable manufacturer of canvas tents.
We have been a leader in the canvas wall tent industry for decades and we still strive each season to improve our products.

Located in Denver, Colorado all of our tents & gear are Made in the USA.

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Home of Canvas Wall Tents, Outfitter Tents, and Glamping Tents.
Located in Denver, Colorado all of our tents & gear are Made in the USA.

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Our products are handcrafted from the highest quality materials. Durability is sewn into every tent we produce. 
Davis Tents are designed and built to withstand the harshest conditions, season after season.
To back it up we offer an industry leading warranty.

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Made in the USA since 1955


Your Davis Tent will come from a lineage of outfitter proven, weather tested, ”just like home tents that are handmade with the same quality and pride we have put into all of our products since 1955. We understand that a Davis canvas wall tent could be used by you on hunts of a lifetime, creating lifelong memories with family and friends, scenarios of survival, or the cornerstone of your business.  All of these uses for your Davis canvas tent are invaluable and every tent we produce is done so with the care, attention to detail, and perfection.


When you call Davis Tent, you will talk to someone who not only uses their canvas tent regularly, but also has at one point or another made and sewn every piece that goes into a tent just like yours. Your Davis tent will have the name of the person who sewed it, your tent will come with its own hand written measurements specific to your tent, inspected several times by multiple people, and every floor, fly, and pole/frame set will be specifically made for your order.

877.355.2267                   877 ELK-CAMP 

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You are buying fabric

Lets face it – the majority of the cost of a tent is for the fabric. So what should you look for?? We only use cotton canvas to make our tents. Why cotton? Its natural ability to breathe. That is the reason most clothing is made from cotton – it’s comfortable to be inside. What separates us from the lower quality tents (often but not…

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