Pack Saddles

Pack Saddles

In addition to the Decker pack saddle, we have two versions of Sawbuck Pack Saddles, a nylon and a leather rigged model. Both are rigged on a wooden humane pack tree. The Decker pack saddle is single rigged, with hip drops and quarter straps.

The advantages of packing with one of these saddles is, unlike a western saddle they have a breast strap and britchen built right into them. The ability to hold the load in place, along with being lighter weight than a western saddle, enables you to carry more gear.

We recommend the Sawbuck style pack saddle if the saddle would be used on multiple animals. The Decker can be custom fit to a specific animal. This custom fit along with the half breed rigging, disperses the weight evenly providing more comfort for the pack animal.

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    Sawbuck Pack Saddle

    This Sawbuck pack saddle come with 1-1/4" Straps, 3/4" Spyder, canvas breast strap and breeching, adjustable straps, latigo mounted to humane horse tree. This saddle fits both large and small pack animals; this makes for great versatility if you're going to be using more than one pack animal or will be switching animals frequently. Comes double rigged (2 cinches). This is the saddle we recommend if you're changing animals frequently. We also offer a Decker Pack Saddle to custom fit any high weathered or barrel chested animal.
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  • Decker Pack SaddleQuick view

    Decker Pack Saddle

    Built on a decker tree with improvements made to the saddle keep the pannier straps on without the need of decker hooks. Adjustments are made easy with the use of roller buckels instead of the traditional "conway" buckle. 1-1/4" rigging straps, 1" quarter straps, 3/4" spyder with four hip drops. The quarter straps keep the single cinch back and in place (away from front legs) excellent for top packing. Comes complete with half breed.
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