The “standard features” on our tents are items we feel are vital to have a great camping experience. Some companies will charge extra for many of the features that come on each and every wall tent we make. These features are:

5 FOOT WALLS – Our walls are cut at five feet and will finish at 4’ – 8”, which provides plenty of headroom inside our tents. We’ve found this to be the perfect height for providing plenty of headroom while also retaining heat in the living part of your tent.

ZIPPER DOOR – A heavy-duty #10 YKK coil zipper. The best way to close a door and keep the heat in and the cold out.

STOVE JACK – Two layers of fiberglass cloth protect our tents from the high temperature around the stovepipe. Your choice of four, five, or six-inch diameter. Our standard location is out of the roof on the left as you enter the tent. However, we can customize the location to your preference for no additional charge.

SOD CLOTH – A band of material 10” wide sewn in around the inside of the tent at the bottom. By putting “sod” or dirt on top of this cloth, a seal is created around the bottom of the tent.

RIDGE POLE & EVE SLEEVES – These are openings at the top of the tent to accept a ridgepole. Our ridge pole sleeves are designed to accept a 1” Pipe or a 12” log – very functional.

ROPES & TENSIONERS – We provide ropes. Each will have a steel stamped tensioner – no knots required just slide it up until taught.

STEEL STAKES – 12” stakes for the ropes and 10” stakes for around the bottom of the tent. We use steel because plastic stakes break when it’s cold, and wood stakes splinter.

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