Hunting Tent Packages

Davis Tent has been the go-to brand for decades for quality canvas tents.
Our tents are known for their durability, practical design and the comfort they provide.
Quality is sewn into every tent we produce.

Proven toughness in all weather | 100% cotton – quality weave | Sunforger protective treatment

All Tent Packages include a Wood Burning Stove

Antelope Tent Package
Elk Tent Package
Elk plus package
Canvas Wall Tents
Bison Tent Package
Antelope Tent Package
Elk plus package
Canvas Wall Tents
Elk Tent Package
Bison Tent Package
For tents larger than 16' X 25' please call for a custom quote


Packages Include:

Your Tent Package Includes:

  • 5′ walls (cut size)
  • Your choice of 4″ or 5.5″ stove Jack
  • Zippered Door
  • Attached Sod Cloth (seals tent to the ground)
  • Ridge Pole Sleeves
  • Ropes cut to size with metal tensioners installed
  • Steel Stakes in their own bag
  • (1) Screened Window
  • (1) Screened Door
  • (1) Colorado Door
  • 3/4 Detached Floor
  • Eave Sleeves
  • Angle Kit and Rubber feet - Kits will vary depending on tent size
  • The Peak Wood Burning Stove
  • Canvas Tent Bag
  • Stove Bag
  • (3) Pole Bags

Note: Poles or Frames are sold separately or in Packages.


 After decades in the tent business, we determined that a 10 oz. double-fill cotton army duck material was the lightest density without sacrificing durability. It also has an excellent insulation profile, so that it keeps heat in, and is thick and dense enough to keep rain out. All of our tents are constructed at our factory in Denver, after the raw canvas is Sunforger treated in Georgia. 


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