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Davis Tent Flys and Awnings will provide a reliable barrier between you and the elements.  

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Shade Awnings

A “Rain Fly” is an auxiliary tarp made to cover the tent top that can have many different benefits. Our standard Rain Fly material is a 12mil thickness polyethylene coated nylon, and a 14oz vinyl coated rip stop nylon is also offered. We have chosen these two materials as our go to in construction for a handful of reasons: Late season hunters and winter campers will find not only do they hold the heat in, they help slide ice and snow off the roof of their canvas wall tent as they are slicker than canvas, hot sparks tend to do less damage to these two materials and they are both cheaper to replace, and both materials provide protection to the canvas tent from the sun’s harmful UV rays keeping the lifespan of the canvas tent at its peak especially in extended use scenarios. Our Rain Flies are made one at a time specific to the measurements of your wall tent so that the stove jack is in the correct location and the fit is optimal.

The 12mil polyethylene material is a translucent milky-white color allowing ambient light through so that the interior of your wall tent is not too dark. This material is the best choice for those looking for all the benefits of a Rain Fly and setting up their canvas tent from a few days at a time to a handful of weeks per year.

The 14oz vinyl coated rip stop nylon is opaque and does not allow much light through, but offers a heavy duty most durable and UV resistant option for those who have their canvas tent set up from a few months at a time to continually year-round. PLEASE SPECIFY TAN (as shown in the pictures) OR WHITE RAIN FLY IN ORDERING NOTES if choosing vinyl.

Rain Flies can also be made from the same 10.10oz Sunforger army duck canvas that your Davis Tent is made from and perform exactly the same as your tent would in the elements. A canvas rainfly would be the best choice for someone who wants to protect their canvas tent from sparks and UV damage, but wants to retain the natural look of canvas and understands that UV damage to the canvas Rain Fly will occur quicker than it would to the poly or vinyl materials.



Davis Tent defines a wall tent Awning as a roof only structure that covers the open area to the front or back of your canvas tent. An Awning does not have a front or sides, and is intended to provide aerial coverage from the elements to create a lounging area, outdoor cooking area, or external gear storage. An Awning can be made as a part of your Rain Fly from the same material (Rain Fly with Awning), as a separate/detached piece (made from any material), or we can sew a permanent Awning to your canvas tent out of canvas only. A wall tent Awning that is separate/detached does not need a Rain Fly to be set up.

*If ordering a rain fly for an older tent, please let us know in the ordering notes during checkout what year the tent was purchased, and the name it was purchased under. Every tent has its own individual measurements, and we will need to look those up in order to make the rain fly the proper dimensions.
If it is not for a Davis Tent, please provide the measurements of the tent by following the instructions found here:


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