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Baffle plates are critical to maximizing efficiency of your wood burning stove, without baffles the stove loses its ability to warm your living quarters efficiently because much of the heat would be lost up the flue.

Other benefits of the Sleep More Baffle system:

  • Cut less wood
  • Get more sleep
  • The baffles cause a re-burn allowing fewer embers to escape the stove and cleaner/greener emissions from the stove
  • Fewer embers mean less burn holes in your tent


With a simple upgrade, your wood burning stove will burn wood or pellets more efficiently.  The Sleep More Max and Sleep More Mini will be well worth the investment, on your first cold night out in the wilderness you will actually Sleep More.


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    Sleep More Baffles (Large), Love it!!!

    Kent Kelly

    I stopped into your store in early September to see about ordering a rain fly for my cook shack and came upon your display of stoves in the show room. I saw the sleep more baffles and Will gave me a break down of how they work and what they have seen during field testing. I decided to try one out for our first rifle season Colorado Elk Hunt. We burnt mostly deadfall dry aspen and typically someone needs to bank the fire off at least 2-3 times throughout the night depending on the temperature. This hunt the stove burnt longer and I only woke up once to top the fire off. Another unexpected thing was that after the 7 nights of burning, our spark arrester wasn’t clogged at all and after pulling apart the stove pipes at tear down we had hardly any creosote build up in the pipe. Since it was mostly dry except for some rain one day we were also concerned about sparks. Once again, even when the stove was roaring, we didn’t see hardly any sparks when using this new heating setup. I can absolutely recommend this addition to your stove. I like the name too. We definitely got more sleep at night. I have the Davis 16×14 tent with awning and a 10×14 cook shack. We heat with the midsized Davis stove.

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    Less wood, more sleep


    This product makes a huge difference in overall stove performance. Right out of the gate I immediately noticed that more heat was staying in the stove versus going out the chimney. Tent got much warmer, much quicker. I have a medium stove in a 14×16 tent but it was putting out heat like it was a large stove. Because of this I was able to burn the wood slower and only had to stoke the fire before going to bed and in the morning (with a good coal bed). Hardly any sparks hitting the spark arrestor as well. When starting your fire in the stove with the baffle, start it all the way in the back of the stove and keep good air circulation until the chimney and stove is hot. Can’t imagine not having this now and highly recommend it.

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  3. No sparks out of the chimney pipe!


    I’ve been using this a few seasons now. I won’t use a stove without it! This product does a few things. My favorite is how I have no big embers coming out of my chimney pipe. After using the sleep more max for 30+ days I have yet to have a burn hole in my tent. I don’t have to clean my spark arrestor or my stove pipe using this product as well. Davis Tent hit it out of the park with this one!

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  4. Sleep more max

    Greg (verified owner)

    I went out on a limb and bought one of the sleep more max baffles.
    I put the baffle in a camp chef stove. To install I marked the internal boot with a China marker and made 4 small bends with a pair of pliers to hold the baffle.
    The baffle definitely reduces the smoke out of the chimney and I can tell the stove doesn’t suck in as much air as it used to because a touch of smoke comes out when I open the door. I also have a Riley in-line apart arrestor on top of the stove.
    It appears the baffle will increase the burn time. I wonder if my stove will output as much heat as it used to with the baffle installed.
    The attached photo shows the lack of smoke coming out of the stack with the sleep more max baffle in the stove. For this picture the stove is on the patio at 4500 ft elevation on a 35 degree day. The Riley inline spark arrestor is on the stove along with 5’ of galvanized stove pipe and I am burning a mix of seasoned pine and aspen. The stove has been burning for 30 minutes or so.
    It am hoping to reduce cleaning the spark arrester at the top of the stove pipe and to burn less wood at night.
    Looks like this will be a good purchase and hopefully we can sleep longer with a warmer tent!

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