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Sleep Systems for Camping

Critical for any camping trip is a good night's sleep.  Your sleep gear must be warm and comfortable or you could be tossing and turning all night. Davis Tent Sleep Systems have been tested in the field for decades.  Whether looking to outfit a tent with cots and bedding or just looking for a bivy to camp under the stars, we have a solution that will guarantee you a great night's sleep.

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Big Boy Camping Cots

There is no stronger cot on the market than the Big Boy Cot. Our legendary heavy duty camping cot, Big Boy Camping Cot, has been providing comfort and durability for decades. The  measurement is  7' in length by  2' 6" in width - this is plenty of room for a good night's sleep even for a big boy.  Our cot sits 18" above the ground,  this provides a comfortable sitting height and allows for storage underneath the cot.

Sleeping Bag Cover

Made out of the same quality 10 oz. canvas as our tents, the sleeping bag cover will improve the temperature range of your sleeping bag.  Couple the Sleeping Bag Cover with Davis Tent’s Cot Pad and you’re guaranteed a great night’s sleep on the coldest nights.  Oversized to fit even the largest of sleeping bags.

Cot Organizer

This organizer hangs from the side of the cot and makes it easy to store personal items. With pockets running the entire length of the cot it is sure to help keep you organized.  Keep your glasses, flashlight, wallet, pistol, keys readily available and up off the ground. 

Cowboy Bedroll

Our Cowboy Bedroll Tarp is the industry-leading canvas bedroll tarp for both quality and price. Keep your bedding clean and dry with our 7′ x 16′ 6″ bed tarp. Fold it over your sleeping bag to add layers of warmth. Closes with d-rings and snap hooks. Available in two different weights of canvas.

Camping Pad

Our high-density foam, camping cot pad almost guarantees for a good nights rest.  Not only does the pad provide comfort it also provides insulation adding warmth and comfort on the coldest of nights.  The pad includes two oversized straps which allow you to roll your sleeping bag inside if desired.  Pad cover is medium grey in color.

Total Sleep System Package

Save money when bought as a package!

-Big Boy Cot and carrying case
-Cot Pad
-Cot Organizer