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We have decades of experience producing canvas wall tents and our tents are of the highest quality craftsmanship.
Davis Tent has become a trusted manufacturer of durable Hunting Tents and luxurious Glamping Tents.
Quality is sewn into every tent we produce.

Our Tents

Quality is sewn into every
tent we produce.

  • Proven toughness in all weather
  • 100% cotton – quality weave
  • Sunforger protective treatment
  • Made in the USA

Proven toughness in all weather  |  100% cotton – quality weave  |  Sunforger protective treatment

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outdoor dining tents
Our decades of manufacturing canvas wall tents have helped us identify high wear areas, which we are constantly improving. We strive to build a tent that insures you many seasons of enjoyment.
outdoor dining tents
Potty - Shower Tent
Tent accessories
Shade Awning
outdoor dining tents

Order your Davis Tent in White or our stunning new color “Autumn Gold”

Autumn gold is only available in fire treated tents and requires an upcharge


Highest Quality Canvas Tents



Cotton is trusted for durability but equally important is breathability.  Using a fabric that breathes is important so to minimize and eliminate condensation.  Four people in a tent produces two liters of condensation from their breath in one night!  People aren’t the only elements that put moisture into the air – boiling water, heating with propane, drying your clothing, all create a wet interior.  Properly treated cotton allows this moisture to escape through the tent, keeping you warm and dry.


The Sunforger® treatment used to make your tent resist the effects of ultra-violet (UV) light from the sun, repel water and mildew, or retard the spread of fire is a critical factor not only for its impact on breathability, but also on how long your tent will hold up. Inferior treatments impede breathability and cause more rapid deterioration of the canvas when exposed to the elements, making the tent both less comfortable and reducing its usable life. For these reasons, we pay extra for the Sunforger ® treatment!


  • 5′ walls (cut size)
  • Your choice of 4″ or 5.5″ stove Jack
  • Zippered Door
  • Attached Sod Cloth (seals tent to the ground)
  • Ridge Pole Sleeves
  • Ropes cut to size with metal tensioners installed
  • Steel Stakes in their own bag

Note: Poles or Frames are sold separately or in Packages. Click for Tent Packages


  • (1) Screened Window
  • (1) Screened Door
  • (1) Colorado Door
  • 3/4 Detached Floor
  • Eave Sleeves
  • Angle Kit and Rubber feet - Kits will vary depending on tent size
  • The Peak Wood Burning Stove
  • Canvas Tent Bag
  • Stove Bag
  • (3) Pole Bags

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