We have grown up around horses and mules, and one of our favorite things to do is to go out and field test our pack equipment. We believe all of our pack gear benefits from this field testing, and these panniers are no exception. Historically speaking the difference between panniers and saddle panniers is; panniers separate into two separate bags which are designed for use on a Sawbuck or a Decker pack saddle. The advantage of separating bags is they are easy to load, and weigh with a pack scale prior to putting them on the animal which makes it easy to obtain a balanced load. This balance is key to eliminating problems while on the trail.

Saddle Panniers on the other hand are typically of one piece construction, where both bags are connected and are designed to be used with a western saddle.

However, one of our more popular models of pannier (our 325 BL) works very well on all types of saddles. Whereas most other of the panniers below are designed for the Sawbuck or Decker pack saddles.

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