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Wood Burning Camp Stove Packages


Summit Series wood burning camp stove packages come in three sizes. Summit Series stove packages include everything you need: a warming tray, water heater, coal grate, nesting stove pipe, spark arrestor, and damper. Fits perfectly with a 5.5″ Stove Jack and will also work with a 6″ stove jack in your tent.

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Wood Burning Camp Stove Packages

If you’re looking for a wood burning camp stove, our Summit Series stoves are built tough.  Whether you pack in with horses or drive to camp, our wood burning camp stove will do the job right once you get there! The top and door are made from 10 gauge steel and the rest is cold rolled 12 gauge steel which makes for a superior stove.  Guaranteed!

All Stove Packages Include: Warming tray, Water heater, Coal grate, Nesting stove pipe, Spark Arrestor, Damper

Requires a 5.5″ Stove Jack or larger in your tent roof. Be sure to pre-burn your stove prior to placing it in your tent.  Much like tents, if you’re considering between two sizes, get the bigger one- you’ll be glad you did.

The Valley Wood Stove Package

Good For Tents 12′ x 15′ and smaller, approximately 76lbs.

Dimensions: 24″ Long | 14″ Wide  | 11″ High

The Ridge Wood Stove Package

Good for tents 12′ x 15′ through 14′ x 15′, approximately 95lbs.
Dimensions:  28″ Long | 16″ Wide | 13″ High

The Peak Wood Stove Package

Good For Tents 14′ x 15′ and larger, approximately 105lbs.
Dimensions:  28″ Long | 18″ Wide | 14-1/2″ High

If you’re looking for a lightweight stove for horse packing, check out our Ellis Folding Wood Burning Camp Stove.