Lets face it – the majority of the cost of a tent is for the fabric.  So what should you look for??  We only use cotton canvas to make our tents. Why cotton? Its natural ability to breathe. That is the reason most clothing is made from cotton – it’s comfortable to be inside. What separates us from the lower quality tents (often but not always imported) is the TREATMENTS applied to the canvas. The Sunforger ® treatment is applied to our canvas in Butler GA. It retains the canvas natural ability to breathe and has minimal harmful effects on the canvas itself. Yes, its the TREATMENTS that play a huge role in how the canvas performs over the life of the tent.

Under normal circumstances a Sunforger® treated tent with proper care will easily last our average user a lifetime. If you purchase a tent that is not treated with the Sunforger® treatment – “please keep us in mind for your next tent purchase”.

Why our canvas is better?