Glamping Tents For Resorts

Glamping Tents for Resorts

We would love to help you enhance your property with Luxury Glamping Tents.
Our tent team has partnered with dozens of luxury properties Internationally to create profitable Glamping resorts.
The livability and durability of our glamping tents provide wonderful rental luxury space.

Proven toughness in all weather | 100% cotton - quality weave | Sunforger protective treatment



After years of producing glamping tents, we have identified structural upgrades and enhancements to ensure your tent lasts longer and your guests are more comfortable. We have made improvements to our luxury Tents to make them feel more "at home" than a typical canvas wall tent.

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Our Glamping Tents will blend into the existing look and feel of your property.

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Order your Davis Tent in White or our stunning new color “Autumn Gold”

The interior of a Glamping Tent can be decorated to match your existing brand.
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Setting Up a Glamping Business

Setting Up a Glamping Business

Glamping is a modern trend of luxurious camping, where experiencing the outdoors is combined with spacious or particularly comfortable accommodations. This often takes the form of larger, more heavy-duty tents such as the type of walled canvas tents we sell right here at Davis Tent

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Canvas Wall Tents for Eco Tourism and Glamping

Canvas Wall Tents for Eco Tourism and Glamping

Two growing trends among campers are rapidly merging to become one. Eco tourism involves tourism or camping that is low-impact and ecologically friendly, and glamping is luxury camping with items that you wouldn’t normally associate with outdoor ventures.

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Deck Tents, from Hunt Camping to Glamping

Deck Tents, from Hunt Camping to Glamping

Deck tents are a great way to enhance any tent-structure, and make it that much closer to a true indoor space. Many of our customers choose to erect their tents on the solid platform of a deck for many reasons, ranging from…

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Experts in Tent Logistics


Our team has worked with the nation's largest brands managing all the logistics of permanent and temporary tent villages.
Our lead tent experts have worked with Samsung, Coachella, Land Rover, Firefly, Jim Beam, and We Work.
Davis Tent will help maximize your property's charm through the planning and implementation of glamping tents.

Top Quality Glamping Tents