Saddle Panniers

We have several models of saddle panniers to choose from starting with the basic meat pannier and expanding to the deluxe saddle pannier with several models in-between. The deluxe saddle pannier has the following features all built into the bag; a breast strap, a britchen, two top straps, a belly strap, and four D-Rings to help secure a top pack.

One of the advantages of saddle panniers is they roll up into a small transportable size which makes them easy to carry while out hunting.

A huge advantage of this style of pannier is it eliminates the need for a dedicated pack animal. Once camp has been packed in, it allows the pack animal to be transitioned into a riding animal.

We feel these bags are most effective and functional for hauling meat as one quarter of of an animal is going to weigh approximately the same as the other quarter of that animal.

If you are considering hauling camp in addition to hauling meat, consider our 325 BL panniers. The 325 BL is not a traditional saddle pannier but works extremely well on a western riding saddle.

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