The Summit Ridge 

 16' X 25' Glamping Tent

Large Glamping Tent Floor plan

This is the largest standard glamping tent we offer, the Summit Ridge will please your guests with a very spacious and beautiful interior. There are many options available to customize the Summit Ridge.  Most importantly, you will select a treatment for the climate where the tent will be located. The treatment type is critical for the tent's longevity.

Interior is 400 square feet + 112 square feet of outside covered space

To maximize longevity of your tent, be sure to purchase the correct tent for your climate

Select Treatment for your Summit Ridge Tent

Cookshack Tent

Our most popular line of glamping tents.  This tent can be used in most common environments.  The All Pro can have a long life in areas prone to mildew/many days of sunshine with proper care and maintenance.

Cookshack Tent

We highly recommend this line of tents for extreme solar exposure where UV damage is common.  For glamping accommodations in the desert or at high elevation, this tent is your best investment.

Cookshack Tent

This line of tents was our original line of glamping tents and is now our economy glamping tent.  Still one of the best on the market, this tent can be used for a glamping start up or side hustle.  

The Sun Pro is only available in white - all other glamping tents can be ordered in white or  "Autumn Gold" color

Large Glamping Tent Floor plan

All Glamping Tents Include:

  • Sunforger or Sun Pro Treated Canvas – Treated for water, mildew, fire protection.
  • Rain Fly – UV-rated, acrylic coated vinyl rain fly for maximum UV protection and comfort in any weather.
  • Awning – Creating a 7′ covered patio for additional living space.
  • Three windows – Screen windows provide views and ventilation.
  • Oversized Screen Door – Easily Removable/ replaceable.  Improve guests' views and ventilation
  • Colorado Door – Weather protection and easy tent closure.
  • Taller Door – Easier access, with upgraded Vislon zippers.
  • Eave Sleeves – Allows the frame to pass through the tent for awning support.
  • Clear plastic windows (optional) –  Even in wind or rain window can remain open.
  • Stove Jack (optional) – If you plan on including a wood burning stove.
  • Angle Kit – Provides appropriate support for tent and awning

This package does not include frame poles. Cut list will be provided - 1″ EMT is available from your local hardware store. 

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Our Glamping Tents in the Wild

Our Glamping Tents were developed  to address the unique challenges of using a canvas tent as a luxury accommodation.  
Affordable, durable and a beautiful interior, these are the perfect tents for luxury resorts or campgrounds.

The Summit Ridge



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