Davis Tent Canvas

Tents are only as strong and durable as the canvas used to construct them.
Davis Tents are built with the highest quality canvas on the market, the following videos and blogs will help you understand more about the canvas used for our tents.

You are buying fabric

Lets face it – the majority of the cost of a tent is for the fabric. So what should you look for?? We only use cotton canvas to make our tents. Why cotton? Its natural ability to breathe. That is the reason most clothing is made from cotton – it’s comfortable to be inside. What separates us from the lower quality tents (often but not…

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Sunforger Treated Canvas

What is a tent? It’s a frame, and most importantly the material on the frame, in our case canvas. Canvas is made of cotton, a superior tent material mainly because of the balance of durability with breathability. What makes our canvas the best choice?

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Tent in desert