Wall Tent Accessories

Wall Tent Accessories

Here’s where you’ll find those little things that make life in your wall tent seem like home!

Check out our personal organizers that hang from the internal frame they are one of the most frequently re-ordered items. It seems like after a customer purchases one of these they call back and get one for every member of camp. They keep everything you need within reach of your Big Boy Cot. Also check out our large organizers that hang behind your Summit camp stove, turning that corner into a kitchen area.

Another great item people didn’t know they wanted are pole bags. We recommend a three bag set, we have found the easiest way of setting up your tent with the internal frame, is having your poles organized in these handy carrying cases.

Need replacement ropes or tensioners? They’re here as well!

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    Hanging Tent Organizer

    I love these organizers.  The pockets are made from a heavy screen so you can see what is in each compartment.  Attaches with Velcro so you can put it in after the tent is set up.   The large is great by the stove; finally a place for plates, knives, forks, spoons, matches, towels, dish soap, spices, flashlights - while the Small is great by cots to keep all your personables in one place.
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    Wall Tent Bag

    Tent bags are the best way to protect your tent when traveling to and from camp. Our deluxe tent bag is made from a rugged synthetic material and has 4 sewn-in handles for ease in carrying (either by one or multiple people).
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  • Pole BagsQuick view

    Pole Bags

    We recommend a bag for each length of pole in your internal frame system. The reason for this is that putting all the poles into 1 bag makes it too heavy to carry and the short poles slide around and “chew up” the pole bag. The three bag system keeps the poles in place and makes for easier carrying.
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  • Tent StakesQuick view

    Tent Stakes in a Bag

    Stakes - 44 stakes in a bag. The 12” stakes for the ropes and 10” stakes for around the bottom of the tent. We use steel because plastic stakes break when it’s cold, and wood stakes splinter. Stakes are one of the most difficult items to supply to all our customers due to great variations in terrain where they will be setting up tents. In addition to our sakes we suggest purchasing some longer rebar stakes and taking them along to stake the corners if you end up setting up in a marshy area.
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  • Iosso Waterproofing ProductQuick view

    Waterproofing for Your Canvas Tent

    Please read our Canvas Information Page to understand why it is not necessary to apply an after-market treatment to your Davis Tent! However, because we do get some requests for recommendations of canvas waterproofing products, we’ve researched and found the best one available. Iosso protects canvas while still maintaining some of that breathability we know is so important. Covers approximately 150 Square feet.
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  • Stove JackQuick view

    Stove Jacks

    Sew in stove jack.Comes in four, five or six inch openingsMade from 32 Oz. coated fiberglass.Please specify size.
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    Stove Bag

    Keep the mess from spreading. We make these extremely durable stove bags to fit our stoves perfectly.  Handles on all sides facilitates carrying  it yourself or with a partner.
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  • Roy website 7-15 -2016-057Quick view

    Nesting Stove Pipe

    5 pieces of pipe 22" long or about 8' when assembled. The pipe is 5 inches where it goes to the stove. It is tapered so all the pipe fits down inside of itself. Very convenient when packing.
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  • roy-website-7-15-2016-055Quick view

    Wire Mesh Spark Arrestor

    Our wire mesh spark arrestor helps prevent ash or sparks from coming into contact with the roof of your tent. This helps reduce the risk of fire or burning.
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  • Ropes with Rope TensionersQuick view

    Ropes and Rope Tensioners

    We provide the appropriate number of ropes with a tent purchase.But if you are in need of replacements you can buy these individually - or in bundles of 16 (most tents require 16) one for each grommet along the sides and two for each corner. Each rope will have a steel, stamped tensioner - simply tie the ropes to the tent and slide it up until taught.
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  • Rope TensionersQuick view

    Tent Rope Tensioners

    Made for 1/4 inch rope our metal rope tensioners eliminates the need for tying knots when anchoring your tent to the stakes.Simply slide the tensioner up towards the tent until it gets tension, then let go. The more tension the better they hold.
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  • mm-stain-removerQuick view

    Mold and Mildew Tent Cleaner

    We have had nothing but positive feedback on this product - comes in a granular concentrate - mix with water to make 3 gallons of cleaner (a little cleaner goes a long way). Removes mold, mildew, algae, bird droppings, leaf stains, food and drink stains, blood stains and  more.
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  • Cot PadQuick view

    Cot Pad

    Add this high density foam pad to your Big Boy Cot and you are all set for a good nights rest.  Not only does the pad provide comfort it also provides insulation adding warmth on the coldest of nights.  Has two oversized straps which allows you to roll your sleeping bag inside if desired.
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