Tent Floors, Flys & Awnings

Wall Tent Floors

Floors are a great way to keep you and your gear dirt free and dry as well as keeping bugs, rodents and reptiles outside of your tent. They come detached form your main tent and simply lay over the dirt & grass or can be sewn into (attached) your main tent canvas.

Detached floors can be used with Traditional Poles or Internal Frames, are easier to set up, easier to clean, easier to replace in the event of damage, and can be used as a tarp. Attached sewn in floors cannot be used with Internal Framed Tents.

Rain Flys

A Rain fly is a tarp made to cover the tent top. The benefits achieved from a rain fly over your tent top can vary depending on how you plan to use your tent. The late season elk hunters normally use a rain fly to help slide the snow (as a plastic tarp is slicker than the canvas) and the protection it offers keeping the sparks from the wood burning stove from landing on their tent top. While a person setting a tent up for extended use will enjoy the benefit of the UV protection the fly offers – extending the longevity of their tent.


Awnings – there are several ways awnings are done. The most common way is an oversized rain fly. The fly covers the tent as always but is made oversized to protrude out over the front of the tent to accomplish an awning.

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