Deck tents are a great way to enhance any tent-structure, and make it that much closer to a true indoor space.  Many of our customers choose to erect their tents on the solid platform of a deck for many reasons, ranging from hunters looking for an upgrade to their seasonal hunting-grounds dwelling, to luxury and commercial “glamping” applications, of various kinds. Deck tents are sturdier and generally closer to being like an actual indoor structure, so there are a variety of reasons that someone might want to use them, and Davis Tent has them all covered.

Here are a few popular ways that deck tents are used.

Budget Lodge: The Hunting Deck Tent

For many, hunting is about getting back to the wild, enjoying time in nature while engaging in a time-honored tradition of direct participation in the food chain. There is something very raw and real about sitting in the silence of the forest, and ultimately downing a deer, turkey, moose, or duck. However, that doesn’t mean everyone who hunts wants to live like a hunter-gatherer, and a deck tent can be a great way to upgrade a hunting campsite, without investing thousands into building an actual cabin or hunting lodge.

With a deck tent hunting base, you can live in moderate comfort on a budget, and leave the beauty of nature relatively untouched when you pack up, with only the deck platform staying behind for the off-season. It’s even possible to make the deck itself a temporary structure, if you buy or make one out of several smaller modular components.

The Glamping B&B

The hospitality industry has seen many interesting innovations recently, especially since the dawn of the business model pioneered by AirB&B. One trend is an increase in deck tent accommodations for rent, which can be found anywhere from backyards to hostels, resorts, retreats, or roadside inns. It’s easy to see why: if you’re running a rental in a place where the weather is usually fair, then allowing visitors to book “rooms” in outside deck tents is low-overhead, and a great way to get your money’s worth from the property. This especially makes sense when you have scenic grounds, and accessible outdoor bathroom facilities of some kind. With the “glamping” trend increasing in popularity, it’s bound to do well.


It’s not uncommon for those in the food and beverage industry to want to expand their seating, without having to invest in the enormous project of expanding their actual building. Adding a deck can work, but leaves diners exposed to the elements, and so are only useful part of the time. In the case of food trucks, covered seating is not always expected, but can greatly enhance the experience.

Deck tents can be one of the best solutions to these problems, as they can be outfitted with heating elements, pleasant lighting, and decorated so as to appeal to whatever tastes are being served, without eating too much into the budget.

Back-Yard Glamping: Home (Not Too Far) Away from Home

Whether you want an outdoor guest room, that man-cave you can’t convince the rest of your family to turn the den into, or simply a gazebo-like external relaxation space in your back-yard, deck tents can be a great addition to a home property, as well. You can even pack them up and store the components, depending on the season, in which case you’ll still have a deck to enjoy even then. Take down the tent, put out a few chairs and a raised portable fire pit in the Winter, and you’ve got yourself a year-round hangout spot.

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