Two growing trends among campers are rapidly merging to become one. Eco tourism involves tourism or camping that is low-impact and ecologically friendly, and glamping is luxury camping with items that you wouldn’t normally associate with outdoor ventures. While combining eco tourism and glamping may seem counter-intuitive, since eco tourism seems minimalist and glamping seems more extravagant. 

However, if it’s possible to have both an opulent and eco-friendly experience, why wouldn’t that be the best choice?

Eco Glamping with Walled Tents

It turns out that eco-friendly walled tents provide the perfect eco glamping experience, by being both comfortable and ecologically sustainable, in a variety of ways. Firstly, our walled tents are built from extremely durable materials, which have a much lower environmental impact in their production, and also reduce waste by simply lasting longer. They are also made from mostly natural materials, with very few plastics, 100% cotton, and are made in the U.S. with a very low carbon footprint. 

Beyond the tent, there are many ways to turn a normal walled tent glamping experience into an eco-friendly one. These include utilizing low carbon, low impact power and heating sources, like wood stoves which also double as cooktops, and also gathering your electricity from portable solar panels, rather than gas generators. You can use LED lights so that the electricity you use is minimal, as well as use eco-friendly soaps like Dr. Bronners, which have no impact on the surrounding environment.

Eco Glamping As Hospitality Business

One use of the principles of eco glamping is not just for individuals passionate about comfortable and guilt-free camping, but those who wish to actually own and host eco glamping facilities as a hospitality business. Glamping and eco tourism within the hospitality domain are certainly both growing in popularity, so why not combine them?

In this case, of course you’ll want to implement eco-friendly design principles when setting up your eco glamping facilities. The details of this might depend on the surrounding landscape, but some general principles can usually be applied. Using natural materials such as cotton, bamboo, and hemp fibers for the interior elements like rugs, furniture, and mattresses will give that extra au-naturel touch that will really impress your guests, and clean, comfortable composting toilets are also a great idea. 

Eco Glamping As a Lifestyle

For a select few, a walled tent eco glamping lifestyle may actually be appealing enough to be pursued full-time, or at least seasonally. In this case, of course, you’ll want to have more facilities set up to suit long term living needs, such as solar power, solar shower, and composting toilet or outhouse. 

While this might sound like an outrageous suggestion to many, for the adventurous few, it can make a affordable alternative to splurging on that tiny house, even if only for the warmer seasons. Whether you decide to do full-time eco glamping between world travel stints, or as a year-round lifestyle, a walled tent with solar power and wood heat is a great way to do it. 


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