Solar Awnings

Eco-Friendly Glamping Tents

Davis Tent has a long history of supporting land and animal conversation organizations.
We are taking that a step further by offering eco-conscious glamping and hunting packages.
We want to do more to become an eco-friendly company and promote our vision of stewardship to our clients.
Our latest tent fly design features a Solar Awning that can be retrofitted to any Davis Tent.

136 Watts

272 Watts

What is an eco-conscious Glamping tent?

Fueled by Clean Energy

Every product produced has a ongoing carbon footprint during its lifetime.  To minimize that footprint we integrate solar into our eco-tent line of Glamping tents.  At Davis Tent we want to empower people to create and build in a sustainable manner, this line of tents in meant to do just that.

LED lighting 

Low Voltage LED lighting is a great energy-saving alternative to traditional lighting.

Solar Power

Solar Power is the one of the most sustainable renewable energy sources and it's free.


Pellet burning stoves burn cleaner than traditional stoves and emit less carbon dioxide.  


Built with best known manufacturing practices for sustainability

Product longevity - A product that is well built and last for many years is a sustainable investment not only for your pocketbook but for the environment as well.

100% organic cotton - Unlike traditional tents, very little materials are used in Davis Tents that are derived from petrochemicals.

Small product carbon footprint compared to traditional structures - Building a traditional structure requires an abundance of natural resources, canvas wall tents require a minimal amount of resources.

Products are built in the US - The US has relatively strict environmental and labor regulations, products made in the US are produced within the moral and environmental guidelines that are important to most Americans.

Glamping puts people closer to nature - the sounds and smells of nature are part of the experience. 

We believe Glamping should be as low impact as possible.