Camp Stoves & Accessories

Camp Stoves & Accessories

Until you’ve experienced the ease and comfort of a wood stove in your canvas tent on a cold night, it is difficult to imagine how much it can add to your camping or hunting trip. Simple in design, our wood stoves really throw out the BTUs!

Wood stoves add to the camp experience in a number of ways. Of course, at the top of the list is keeping you warm and dry no matter how cold it gets outside. In addition, the dry heat provided by a wood stove is perfect for drying out wet gear and decreasing humidity and condensation in your tent. Many of our customers are like us and use the wood stove for all of their cooking. Whether you cook directly on top of the stove or make “baggie omelets” in the water jacket, you’ll be sure to satisfy the hungriest of hunters and campers. You can also use the water jacket to drip water through grounds for some of the best coffee around – of course, everything taste better in the mountains!

The collapsible stove we carry is ideal for those packing in and weight is major consideration.

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    Wood Burning Camp Stove

    From: $349.00
    This package includes one of three sized wood burning stoves, warming tray, water heater, coal grate, nesting stove pipe, spark arrestor, damper.
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    Ellis Folding Wood Burning Camp Stove

    This collapsible pack stove folds down to 1 1/2" tall.  Unfolded, it offers a sturdy platform for cooking and heating.   For those who want a lighter-weight stove that is packing friendly, this is just the ticket.  Spot welded throughout and comes with 4" nesting stove pipe.
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    Stove Bag

    Keep the mess from spreading. We make these extremely durable stove bags to fit our stoves perfectly.  Handles on all sides facilitates carrying  it yourself or with a partner.
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    Nesting Stove Pipe

    5 pieces of pipe 22" long or about 8' when assembled. The pipe is 5 inches where it goes to the stove. It is tapered so all the pipe fits down inside of itself. Very convenient when packing.
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    Wire Mesh Spark Arrestor

    Our wire mesh spark arrestor helps prevent ash or sparks from coming into contact with the roof of your tent. This helps reduce the risk of fire or burning.
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    Stovepipe Damper

    This stovepipe damper helps your wood burn more efficiently.
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