External Poles vs Internal Frame

Internal Frame

We have a couple of different of options when it comes to a pole system for your tent. We sell the internal frame (same as picture to the right) either complete or “angles only”. The angles only option is common when we ship the tent. We provide a very easy to follow cut list and our customers source and get the conduit cut locally. This saves you a bunch on the shipping!! Learn more about frames click here. The internal frame system and a sewn in floor are not compatible!

Traditional Pole Set

Consists of a ridge pole and 3 or 4 uprights for inside the tent (depending on the size of the tent), and wall poles for outside the tent. Comes complete in its own carrying bag. This is a popular choice for those want a sewn-in floor or those who pack in with ATVs, horses, or mules as this system breaks down smaller and weighs less than an internal frame system.

Internal Frame

Traditional Poles