In addition to the standard features listed above we have some options you can choose to add to your tent providing some creature comforts to your tent camping. Windows – Screen Doors – Back Doors – Colorado Door – Eave Sleeves – Just to name a few. Keep in mind we are the manufacture and can incorporate your ideas into your tent. . We have an entire page dedicated to the options, when, where and why we do or don’t recommend them.

Screened Window

canvas tent windows

Cross Ventilation

We try really hard not to sell a tent that doesn’t have a second opening (back door or window). With only one door/opening, the air in a tent can become stagnant, smoke from the wood stove, cooking odors, or other smells can become trapped. In order to get the air moving…You would have to fan the tent out to circulate the air. The cross-ventilation from more than one opening is invaluable, as it keeps the air (and any smoke or odors) moving. Most camps will have cots along the back wall making the window a better choice over a back door. The window will give you the circulation without losing valuable floor space.

All of our windows are screened, with a zippered, canvas flap inside the tent. This canvas flap has two zipper sliders, which gives you control over how much of the window you want opened at any time. The screen window is our most popular option. You can add the screen windows with the pull down menus when ordering your tent.

You can get more than one window! Three or more windows is common in warmer climates

Screen Door


Keep the Bugs Out

If you are a late season hunter at elevation, you probably do not need this. But if you ever plan to set your tent up when the bugs are flying, this is a great addition. In conjunction with a screened window (or second screen door), this gives you the benefit of cross ventilation while still giving you sanctuary from the bugs.
If the screen door is not needed on a trip, it will roll up and tie completely out of the way. When you do need it, undoing a couple of ties is all it takes.

You can add the screen window options to your tent via the pull down menus when ordering your tent!

Shown above with the canvas door tied back. The screen door will also roll up and tie out of the way when it is not needed

Second Door

zippered door

Connect 2 Tents

This is simply a second zippered door added to the rear of the tent. It’s ideal if you already have a tent and want to butt the two tents together. This is a very affordable way to get the much sought after cross ventilation in a tent. A screen door and or a Colorado door can be added to this door as well. As most people find the back wall a good place for cots a second door sometimes is not the most functional.

You can add the back door with the pull down menus when ordering your tent.

Just butt the two tents together and roll the door flap’s up together.

Colorado Door

wall tent storm flap

Keep the zipper dry

The purpose of a storm flap is to keep your zipper clean and dry and to protect it from freezing. While other manufacturers use a toothed zipper, which is more susceptible to freezing, all Davis Tents are made using a coil zipper. Because our zippers have a much lower likelihood of freezing, the storm flap is a nice, but not necessary, feature on our tents.

The Colorado Door is simply a 12″-wide canvas flap sewn in on one side of the zipper. It is held over the zipper with 5 side-release buckles.

You can add the Colorado doors with the pull down menus when ordering your tent.

Eave Sleeves

eave sleeve close upIf you are utilizing the internal frame and an awning is desired, an eave sleeve is the absolute best way to accomplish this. The eave sleeve allows you to continue the frame from inside the tent out through the front of your tent – creating a continuous frame that supports both the tent and the awning. Having your awning attached in this way give you the best chance of keeping everything in place in the wind. A good option to add to future proof you tent.

The eave sleeves add an extra column of angles is the best way to get an awning accomplished.

canvas tent eave sleeves

Frame With Awning

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