(Glamorous Camping)

Glamping is quickly gaining popularity for those seeking the peace and serenity of nature, but wish to retain as many modern amenities as possible.  Upscale camping combines the great outdoors with a luxury resort experience to provide what many satisfied glampers agree is the best of both worlds. While many people want a Davis Tent so they can “rough it” in the wilderness, we have perfected the elegance of Canvas Glamping Tents; if you can dream it, we can create it.

Luxuries you might expect to find in an upscale hotel and common while glamping in a Davis Tent (not included):

air conditioning units | electric heater | framed doorways | windows | furniture | full size beds | fine carpets | furnishings | tiled floors | chandeliers | full length mirror | wet bar

Davis Tent has been producing Luxury Canvas Tents not only for individuals but also resorts, vacation destinations, guest ranches, and second properties for well over a decade.

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