Many of our customers are avid hunters, which means you may be interested in checking out some of the amazing hunting content that’s out there on Instagram. Yes, it’s true, most of Instagram is filled with travel vloggers and models showing their stuff, but there’s also a fairly lively hunting niche in there too, with lots of great information and visuals. 

Here are some of the hunters on Instagram that we like to follow, and you may like too:


Matthews, inc. (@mathewsinc)

Matthews, the bowmaker, has a very lively instagram account, with plenty of shots of bow hunters as well as archery contests, all with Matthews-made bows of course. Viewing the feed on Matthews’s IG is a bit like being in the hunt yourself, they take excellent shots and really make you feel like you’re a part of what they’re showing.

Primose Hunting (@primos_hunting_official)

Primose keeps everything on their account focused on the hunt, with no nonsense and nothing fancy. Just good old family hunting experiences, and interesting animals. If you’d like the more classic hunting content, this is a great one to follow. 

Wired to Hunt (@WiredToHunt)

Mark Kenyon is a fairly big name in the hunting and outdoors world, as a writer for Field and Stream, Outdoor Life, and other publications. He also runs his own podcast and website. It’s fun to follow along with Mark on his adventures, as well as occasionally 

Hunting Product Guru (@huntingproductguru)

This is a great account for reviews on various hunting products, featuring real hunters opinions. You can also submit reviews yourself, by posting and tagging #huntingproductguru in your post. 

Melissa Bachman (@melissa_bachman)

Melissa is a lifelong hunter from South Dakota, and has a Sunday show on the Sportsman Channel. Follow her IG account to see every step of her hunts, from setup to meat preservation.

Cameron Hanes (@cameronrhanes)

Cameron is an Under Armour athlete and avid bowhunter, who shares a lot of his hunting shots on IG. He provides lots of useful hunting tips and gear recommendations, so you won’t want to miss it. 

John Stallone (@johnstallone)

John Stalone is a hunting media producer who interviews some of the best hunters out there, and so is a superb source of endless tips and advice for novice and expert hunters alike. 

Bone Collector (@officialbonecollector)

You may know Michael Waddel from his show on the Outdoor Channel called Bone Collector, and just like the show, the Bone Collector IG account takes you through the ins and outs of various types of hunting skills and equipment. 

Outdoor Life (@outdoor_life)

Outdoor Life Magazine’s account includes both hunting and fishing content, with lots of beautiful shots of game, the hunt, as well as weapons and ammunition. They also share some pretty cool historic magazine covers from the mid 20th century, which have a very nostalgic, Norman Rockwell sort of appeal. 

Drury Outdoors (@druryoutdoors)

The Drury family’s DOD brand, along with their Outdoor Channel show, also maintain a stellar IG account where they share lots of great shots from their hunts throughout the year, as well as general wildlife and outdoors content. 

Jess Delo (@jessdelo7)

Jess is an excellent hunter as well as photographer, so not only will you want to follow for her tips but also the beautiful shots she takes of the outdoors, and the hunt.

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