In 2020, the internet has amazing content for almost any interest, and hunting is no exception. For some great hunting tips, camp gear guides, and just to enjoy the glories of the great outdoors even when you’re in the office or your living room, here are some great hunting blogs to follow in 2020. 


Big Buck Zone

Big Buck Zone’s hunting deer hunting blog is consistently updated with quality content. Here, you’ll find many great stories of big game hauls to learn from, and it’s not only limited to deer hunting, there’s plenty about other wildlife hunting too. You’ll find this blog educational, as well as entertaining.

As you might expect, here you’ll find everything pertaining to the specific realm of bow-hunting, from arrowheads to outdoor gear, latest news on game and wildlife, and camping/outdoor gear. One thing I admire about this blog is how they cover the latest in hunting, and hunting practice technology.

Heartland Bowhunter

Another great bowhunting blog, this one specifically follows the hunting adventures of members of the HB team, with lots of great photos and stories, and even some video content. If you enjoy living vicariously and learning in your spare time from watching others, this is a great blog to follow!


Geared a bit towards younger audiences, this website has an amazing interface/design, and even comes with a podcast! So, if you’d like to listen to some pros talk gear and hunting stories while at work or doing your daily tasks, simply download the latest episodes, plug in an earbud or two, and listen away! Beyond the podcast, this website has some great instructional content and stories. 

Sole Adventure

If a blog that includes a variety of subject matter including hunting, but also ranging into general solitary outdoor hobbies or adventures, then this is a great one to add to the list. Here, you’ll find anything from camping gear, campsite setup tips, to general outdoors minimalist living, plus some hunting thrown in as well. A good all around outdoorsman’s blog. 

Whitetail 365

This blog is a part of the larger Field and Stream publication family, and covers everything you might want to know about whitetail deer hunting. Of course, being from Field and Stream, the content quality is top notch, and you can be sure not to miss the latest news and relevant tips based on any recent hunting law changes, wildlife conditions, and emerging hunting technology. This blog should probably be on every whitetail hunter’s list. 

The Big Game Hunting Blog

Part of the larger Wide Open Spaces website, this specific blog is of course all about the latest in big game hunting, especially as regards firearms and ammunition. There’s also a podcast included, all of which is quality content for the avid hunter about elk, moose, whitetail, or even wild hog hunting. 

Deer Hunting Big Bucks

If you’re interested mainly in all things bucks, this is the blog for you, as it covers details of not only hunting guides, but also antler displays, taxidermy, and tech. Writers here are highly knowledgeable on a variety of topics, so you’ll find a wealth of buck hunting information to utilize in your own hunting adventures.