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One of the main reasons canvas tents have been popular for so long is due to the fact that they breathe. We make these tents below from material treated with Sunforager treatment, the same we use for our wall tents, to maintain its breathability. This breathability is what makes being in the tent so comfortable. Two people sleeping inside one of these tents will emit one liter of moisture from their breath during an average nights sleep. Canvas allows this moisture to escape in vapor form, if the moisture is unable to escape it will condensate on the inside of the tent and start to drip. The reason most dome nylon packing tents have a screen roof and an outer shell fly is because that way moisture can go through the screen roof, form on the fly and drip outside the tent. This may be good for three seasons out of the year, but not for winter. This is why cotton is king, it is truly a tent designed for all seasons.

The herder style tent below, allows for a stove jack to be made into the tent. A single pole tent doesn’t have much surface area over your head which makes them easy to heat with something as simple as body heat or a lantern.

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