Clearly, we love the big classic canvas tents here at Davis Tent, but we also recognize that they’re not necessary for every camping trip. Sometimes all you need is a smaller and lighter tent, more like a modern camping tent. What if you want the sturdiness and stability of a canvas tent, but also want something lighter, and that’s easier to store or transport?  Many of our customers have expressed an interest in this, and we’ve listened. The Go tent has entered production by popular demand, and we’re happy to provide what our customers are looking for.

This month in our blog, we’ll be covering the newest addition to our product line which fits exactly that niche, the highly portable, lightweight Go Tent. Let’s dig in and see why this new tent may just be the right balance for you.


Our new Go Tent is made from high quality canvas like all our tents, but this time in a cozy 10×10 size. It comes with traditional poles, which weigh in at 25 lbs, and with the canvas added the whole set weighs about 30 lbs, or if you get the version with sewn-in floor, 40lbs. The canvas packs down to less than 2×2, and can fit in any truck or SUV, and even many cars, with the longest pole being just 3’5”.


This tent is unusual in that it does not rely on a full internal frame. Rather, it structurally relies on a 3-piece ridge, plus stakes, ropes, and tensioners. Some structural sacrifice has to be made to achieve the smaller size, but as long as you don’t plan to camp in a hurricane, it could very well be worth the trade-off to you. A 5.5” stove jack is also included. 


Aside from the key feature of being more lightweight and portable than other canvas tents, the Go Tent also has options for a screen window, screen door, and Colorado storm door. It can comfortably sleep 2 people, or 3 without a stove, and has plenty of room to stand in the middle, with a peak height of 6’8”. Also, fewer poles and less materials generally mean quicker setup and take-down time, as well.


All in all, the Go Tent is a great option for those who want a moderately roomy, sturdy canvas tent, but that takes up less space in storage and transport. With this tent, you can go hunting or camping and still have plenty of room for equipment, but spend less time putting up and taking it down. 


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If you have any remaining questions about this tent, feel free to give us a call or email, and we’ll be happy to help you determine if it’s the right tent for you.