Measuring a Wall Tent for a Frame

Not all canvas wall tents are created the same.  Before we sell you some angles (or a complete tent frame) we want to verify the degree of angle. When you are working with cotton canvas the finished tent dimensions can and do vary greatly.  At some point you will need to measure your tent anyway – so we know how long to cut the poles.  If you measure following the instructions provided and send us the answers, we will do the math, verify the angle, and get you set up with an internal frame for your tent.

A = The Ridge Length
B = If there are grommets on the ridge, how far from each end are they?
C = The Width of your tent. Measure both front & back, with the doors closed, and take the average.
D = The Slope. Measure form top dead center (usually a pencil mark can be found on the seam) down to the eave. Do not include the eave in your measurement. Measure in several places and take the average.
E = The Wall Height. Measure form the eave to the stake grommet at the bottom.

Note: Getting the Average Measurement. Add all measurements together and divide by the total number of measurements. ie. For 3 Measurements: (47.5″ + 46.25″ + 48.25″) / 3 = 47.33″

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