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The holiday season is upon us, and we’re all looking for gift ideas for our loved ones. Of course, you can always give some new gadget, but what about the outdoor enthusiast in your life? Sure, if they’re a hunter, you might get them a new gun or bow, or if they’re a photographer perhaps a new camera, but there’s one gift which has the potential to outshine them all, and that’s a luxury walled tent. Why is this such a fantastic gift, you ask? We’ve compiled a few simple reasons for your consideration.

It’s Basically a Second House

If your loved one spends a significant amount of time in the outdoors, there’s no better way to do it than in a walled tent. While hunting cabins are nice, they’re expensive, and they can’t be moved. With a walled tent from Davis Tent, you can enjoy the luxury of a spacious outdoor shelter which is both comfortable and mobile. This really can take camping for whatever purpose to a whole other level, and I guarantee you their eyes will beam with the possibilities when they see their new second home. 

It’s Good in All Weather Conditions

One of the best things about walled canvas tents is that they come with openings for wood stove chimneys, as well as windows, so they are great for any kind of weather. This means that if your loved one is a hunter who goes out primarily in the Winter, or a Summer adventurer, the walled tent will allow them to live the outdoor life in luxury, under any weather conditions. There’s nothing quite like those warm Winter nights around a wood-fired stove, or those Summer breezes with the tent-flaps wide open, and screen flaps to keep out the bugs. 

Not Only for the Outdoors

You might be wondering if the one you’re shopping for spends enough time in the woods for a walled tent to make sense; perhaps they only hunt one particular season, for instance. You’ll be delighted to know that there are many other uses for a walled tent right in your backyard. For instance, in the off-season, you can make it an outdoor play-space that can get the kids out of your hair. You could also make it an outdoor dining area, and with a bit of decoration, impress your guests and dine with the sound of birds and crickets as a backdrop. You can even use it as an outdoor sleeping space on those warm Summer nights. It’s even possible to use it for temporary storage.

Really, it’s just an outdoor space which you can use on your own property when it’s not being taken to the woods, with your imagination as the only limit! 

Endlessly Customizable

The simplicity of a walled tent is also it’s genius, because it’s a space which you can make truly your own. It can be anything from a luxury glamping retreat accommodation to a bare-bones temporary hunting cabin. It’s all just a matter of where you put it, and what you put in it. It’s four walls and a ceiling of highest quality canvas that can truly be whatever you want it to be. 

Packs Up Nicely, and is Easy to Store

Davis tents are surprisingly compact when they are disassembled, rolled up, and put away. This tent won’t take up your whole attic, or even your whole closet, and it can easily fit in the back of a truck or SUV, with room to spare. The whole thing can be put-together or taken-apart in about 20 minutes or less, so for the amazing space you get, dealing with it when you’re not using it will take up surprisingly little time and space in your life.