Friends, as we face these unprecedented times, we also face a shift in priorities and our actions. As individuals, we are staying primarily at home, or taking extreme precautions when venturing out, and businesses are obviously changing the way we do things as well, in various ways. Restaurants are serving only take-out or delivery, offices are allowing people to work from home. 

So, how is Davis Tent handling these unique times?

Rather than pause operations, because we are equipped to produce many of the kinds of supplies that are needed by those on the front lines dealing with this pandemic, we have chosen to repurpose much of our manufacturing to produce key emergency response products. These include:

  • Decontamination Showers
  • Decontamination Shelters
  • Medical Screening Tents
  • Medical Cots
  • Face Masks
  • Weather Proof Medical Shelters (any size available)

So, for this month’s blog, we’d like to present a bit of information about these products, and their importance for the fight against covid-19.

Decontamination Showers

Decontamination showers are used to flush contaminants from a person, usually a front-line responder. They may use water and/or other disinfectants, and are an easy, quickly assembled way to lower the risk of the spread of infection among essential workers during the covid-19 crisis. Any medical teams working directly with infected persons are made safer by implementing decontamination showers. 

Decontamination Shelters

These are some type of canvas shelters that are usually an integrated part of temporary/portable decontamination facilities, along with the showers. Usually, some form of shelter will enclose the shower, to further reduce contamination. These could be large tents with several tent-walled showers within, or singular shower enclosures. Decontamination facilities are a front-line defense against the spread of covid-19.

Medical Screening Tents

Another necessary part of processing covid-19 patients is medical screening, where it can be determined if individuals are in fact infected. These are often designed for drive-through testing, and are mainly for keeping medical professionals doing the testing safe and comfortable, regardless of weather conditions. Of course, it is critical that these tents are easily deployed, set up, and sturdy, which of course is the level of quality Davis is known for.

Medical Cots

Being infected with covid-19 usually means being bed-ridden, and in environments where hospitals are over capacity or it may be necessary to isolate covid-19 patients from the general hospital spaces, cots are one of the go-to solutions. They are also much less expensive than hospital beds, obviously, and areas of heavy infection, are an absolute essential on the front lines.

Face Masks

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you about the importance of facemasks in this pandemic, or the controversy and confusion surrounding the effectiveness of various kinds of masks for preventing this specific disease. The bottom line is that having something covering your mouth and nose always make you less likely to either spread or catch the virus, and these are naturally most important in those who are directly working with infected patients. Davis is producing quality medical face masks that are used by medical and government teams to shield various professionals dealing with this crisis from catching or spreading the novel corona virus.

Weather Proof Medical Shelters

Last but not least, the actual portable/temporary facilities which are used to treat covid-19 patients are extremely important, especially in terms of keeping both victims and the heroes treating them safe from weather conditions, as they do this harrowing work. Davis is producing weather proof medical shelters of all sizes for medical, military, and governmental organizations on the front-lines of the coronavirus pandemic.

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