Adding an Aftermarket Awning

So you want an awning, but you’ve got questions.  ” I already have a canvas wall tent with an internal frame, but don’t have eave sleeves – how do I add an awning?”  We’ve got an answer!  Simply buy six angles from us and set your tent up like the drawing shown.  The three column frame in red below represents the inside of your tent (you could have a four, five column etc.).   A four way angle allows the frame to run out through the ridge pole sleeve on your tent at the top. We suggest you use the same length of ridge, rafter, and leg poles for the awning frame that you have for your existing tent frame; this makes set-up easy as the poles are interchangeable.  Adjust the length of the connecting pole (shown as 1′ or 2′ in the diagram below) to the desired projection of your awning.  This is the best way to add an awning to a tent that does not have eave sleeves.

All we will need to make you a custom rain fly with awning are some measurements from your tent.  To see the – how to measure your tent for a rain fly post click here.

A. Notice frame above has 6 legs inside the tent (RED) and the Awning has 4 legs outside (GREEN).

B.The number of columns inside your tent will vary depending on the size of tent you have.

C. The bridge piece can be tailored to your specific needs.

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