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Gold Glamping Package

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  • 16 x 20 Tent – Natural standard white
  • Autumn Gold water/mildew/fire 10.10oz Sunforger also available as an upgrade
  • ~5′ 9″ finished wall height
  • Sunforger treatment – Treated for water, mildew, fire protection.
  • Improved Deck attachment – Vinyl attachment to improve longevity.
  • Rain Fly – Vinyl rain fly for comfort in any weather and UV protection.
  • Awning – Creating a 7′ covered patio for additional living space.
  • Five windows – Screen windows provide views and ventilation.
  • Oversized Removable/replaceable Screen Door – Improve guest views and ventilation
  • Colorado Door – Weather protection and easy tent closure.
  • Taller Door – Easier access, with upgraded Vislon zippers.
  • Eave Sleeves – Allows the frame to pass through the tent for awning support.
  • Clear plastic windows (optional) –  Even in wind or rain window can remain open.
  • Stove Jack (optional) – If you plan on including a wood burning stove.
  • Autumn Gold color would have the advantages of not projecting silhouettes outward when there is a light on in the tent and it is dark outside.  Additionally, most would agree that it will maintain a cleaner appearance with dirt and dust being less noticeable compared to the natural off-white canvas.  Some would say that due to the decreased amount of light that is allowed into the tent because of the color, the interior stays a little cooler in the summer time.
  • 18 piece Angle Kit – Provides appropriate support for tent and awning.

    This package does not include frame poles. Cut list will be provided to guide you through cutting your own 1″ EMT conduit to complete the frame.

*10-12 week production time*

  • 16 x 20 Natural White Canvas Wall Tent

    16 x 20 Water, Mildew & Fire
  • 18 Piece - 5 Column Angle Kit Inside Tent & 1 Column Angle Kit for Awning

    18 Piece Kit
  • Vinyl Rain Fly & Awning

    16 x 20
    Vinyl Rain Fly with Awning


At Davis Tent, our many years in business have helped us identify high wear areas, which we pay special attention to in the construction of all our tents. We reinforce all stress points to ensure many years of enjoyment and service from our wall tents. In addition to this, all of our standard tents come with quality features!

Watch the process of setting up a Davis Tent

Standard Features:

  • (5) Windows
  • 5′ 9″ Walls
  • Zippered & Colorado Door
  • Screen Door
  • Eave Sleeves
  • Attached Sod Cloth (seals tent to the ground)
  • 18 Piece – 5 Column Angle Kit in Tent + 1 Column Angle Kit in Awning plus bag for all angles
  • Ridge Pole Sleeves
  • Ropes cut to size with metal tensioners installed



If you look through our photo’s most of our Glamping tents have a vinyl fly (the tan tarp up over the top of the tent)  the main purpose for this is UV protection.  A cotton tent is a great environment to be in due to its ability to breathe.  However cotton does not do really well with constant exposure to the sun, the sun’s UV is most harmful to the tent top.  So the biggest advantage is UV protection, they are also another barrier in the rain, will help keep the tent cooler on hot days, and warmer on cool nights. These “rain fly’s” are made from a heavy vinyl coated nylon and are better suited to handle year-round use when setting up properly


Breathability! The reason breathability is so important is to minimize and eliminate condensation. Just 4 people in a tent can produce 2 liters of condensation from their breath in one night! Add to those other elements that put moisture into the air – boiling water, heating with propane, drying your clothing, etc. – and you create a wet interior. Properly treated cotton allows this moisture to escape through the tent, keeping you warm and dry.


Breathability, Longevity!

The type of treatment used to make your tent resist the effects of ultra-violet (UV) light from the sun, repel water and mildew, or retard the spread of fire is a critical factor not only for its impact on breathability but also on how long your tent will hold up.

If you tore a single piece of untreated canvas in half and then applied Sunforger ® to one-half and different treatment to the other, the Sunforger ® treated half would perform best in terms of strength, ability to breathe, overall integrity, and longevity.

Some would have you believe that all treatments are equal or a matter of brand preference (like Coke ® or Pepsi ®): this is simply not true. Inferior treatments impede breathability and cause more rapid deterioration of the canvas when exposed to the elements, making the tent both less comfortable and reducing its usable life. For these reasons, we pay extra for the Sunforger ® treatment!

We have been approached by many importers and, while we briefly considered offering an “economy line” of foreign-produced (and, therefore, not Sunforger ® treated) tents, we have not yet found one that we felt comfortable putting our reputation on the line for.

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