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Pellet Burning Stove

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The QStove’s pellet burning heater is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream.  It’s portable and can travel with you on all of your adventures whether camping or hunting.  A more efficient alternative to outdoor propane and electric heaters; also, this heater leaves no trace, unlike campfires.

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  • 106,000 BTU w/ 10ft. heating radius
  • Double hopper holds 20 lbs. of wood pellets with a 3-4 hour burn time per load
  • Heavy gauge high temp coated steel construction
  • Portable, easy to carry
  • Heats from top to bottom, evenly
  • High temp German glass viewing window
  • Best quality German flat paint exterior
  • Adjustable feet for all surfaces
  • Easy assembly with detailed instructions
  • Engineered to burn clean and smoke free
  • Carbon-neutral, leaves little to no waste.
  • Capable of year-round use, exceeds most burning and air quality laws.

To use with a Davis Tent please include this Stove Pipe Converter Kit with your purchase

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3 reviews

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    Q-Stove Test at High Elevation (Part 1 of 2)


    Note: This review is provided by Davis Tent and it represents our impression of this product at the testing elevation of 9300 feet above sea level. We sell the Q-Stove at Davis Tent and do our best to advise customers about all of our products.

    Things to consider
    • We judge this product as not acceptable for canvas wall tent heat at 4300 feet or greater above sea level
    • Lower elevation review at about 2000 feet above sea level had very good results.
    • Product quality and technology is excellent.

    Let’s start with an excerpt from a review done at approximately 2000 feet above sea level:
    “During the day, outdoor temperatures were around 36-42 degrees, dropping down to 29-34 during the night. Our Tent stayed at a consistent 65 degrees.
    In one experiment we allowed the stove to be completely empty of pellets, re-filled and lit it when it was 35 degrees inside the tent. Within 45 minutes the temperature increased by 30 degrees all the way to 65! In that same experiment, we concluded that one 40lb bag of pellets will last 6 hours on high (excerpt from a review by “Saylor”).

    My experience with the Q-Stove
    I used my 12 x 14 Davis Tent for this review. This tent is Sunforger treated for Water, Mildew, and Fire. I did not use a floor and the temperatures were between 40 and 78 degrees. I camped on the edge of the Eagles Nest Wilderness Area in Colorado just below Rock Creek Trailhead. The elevation was about 9300 feet above sea level.
    The Q-Stove was easy to set up and assemble. For the stove pipe, I used the Davis Tent strait 6” to 5” converter kit because my tent is set up with a 5.5” stove jack and the Q-stove comes standard with a 6” pipe.
    I loaded 20 lbs of pine pellets into the hopper (there is a hopper extension available that allows for 40 lbs of pellets). After loading, I squirted a very small amount of lighter fluid on the pellets and the stove started easily and burned well. However, this was the end of things going well (Please see Part 2 of this review).

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    Knowing I was going to do a review, I brought only a sleeping bag liner so I would be awake if the heat was not sufficient. And boy was I awake! As the temperature cooled outside in the evening, so did the tent. I pretty much froze my butt off! Because of the lower oxygen level at 9300 feet, the stove just didn’t put out the necessary amount of heat. At one point, I took three handfuls of pellets and added them to the burn area to add extra fuel. This worked and I was able to get about an hour of sleep before I woke up cold again. It was a bummer and clearly not what I was expecting or hoping for. No one had ever done an experiment with this stove at altitude and this showed the stove could not get the job done at this altitude.
    I’ve since spoken with the founder of Q-Stoves and the manufacturers of pellets. Q-Stoves is working on a solution to increase heat output at altitude. The pellet manufacturers confirmed that I was using the correct pellets for high heat output. Pine and Fir trees will give you the best heat output for this stove.

    What is the best application for the Q-Stove in a canvas tent?
    • Below 4300’ above sea level (as per the pellet manufacturers this is where lower oxygen levels start to significantly impact heat output).
    • Where ease of use over a wood stove is needed or desired.
    • Glamping – Easy to use for customer and allows sale of wood pellets
    • Where wood is not readily available or easily obtained.
    Final thoughts
    I love this stove. Great technology and easy to use. I see it as a perfect solution for hunters and glamping set-ups at lower elevations. The manufacturer is working on high elevation solutions and we have been advised that they hope to have a working prototype by December of 2019.
    If you have questions about this review or would like to chat about my experience with the Q-stove, please feel free to call our shop at (877) 355-2267 or email me at

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