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This question is generally for larger wall tents (note: the example below is for larger tents, smaller tents will have a higher per sq. ft. cost which will vary depending on size & material selected).

Here is an example–

We can make whatever size you want. However, the price is determined by the fabric selected and the sq. footage of the tent desired.

  • The cost for a water and mildew treated tent (over 320 sq. ft) is $2.95 a sq. ft.
  • The cost for a water, mildew and fire treated tent (over 320 sq. ft) is $3.63 a sq. ft.

So for a tent 16 x 24 which has 384 sq. ft. a water and mildew treated tent would be: $1132.80

The same tent in a water, mildew and fire treatment would be: $1,393.92

That includes all of our standard features: 5′ walls, zipper door, stove jack, sod cloth, ridge pole sleeves, rope with metal tensioners and steel stakes.  Any of our options would be available at normal pricing.