Some like the traditional poles better, some the internal frame. Both have up’s and downs.

This boils down to personal preference or how you are going to use the tent.  For long term use a frame is more desirable as it offers an open space floor plan and more places inside the tent to hang items such as organizers and clotheslines.

For people who are packing in on Mules or ATVs the way to go would be the traditional poles. They pack down smaller and weigh about half as much.

If you want the internal frame and we are shipping the tent to you, save money and order “angles only”.  We will send you a “cut list” and you can get the conduit at your local Home Depot and save a bunch on the shipping.

Internal Frame:
Here is a link to a video tour on how to set up the frame tent

Traditional Poles:
Here is a link to set up instructions for the traditional poles