Luxury Glamping Packages

 We have decades of experience in tent production, our Glamping Tents are of the highest quality craftsmanship.
Commercial glamping tents are semi-permanent structures, we have introduced structural improvements to maximize their longevity.  Davis Tents are durable, your investment is built to withstand the elements season after season. 
Proven toughness in all weather | 100% cotton – quality weave | Sunforger protective treatment

Traditional Glamping Packages

This line of tents makes it easy to get into a high quality glamping tent at a lower price point.

Five-Star Glamping Packages 

After years of producing glamping tents, we have identified structural upgrades and enhancements to ensure your tent lasts longer and your guests are more comfortable.

For tents larger than 16′ X 24′ please call for a custom quote.