Gilbertsville Farmhouse

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The Story of the Gilbertsville Farmhouse

We are Aldo and Sharon, a husband and wife team. We work together with four amazing human beings that God put in our care. We are far from perfect but we try to honor that gift by teaching our children to be good people, to be independent, to take risks, to believe in themselves and to have courage to take the unbeaten path. Our closest friends are our own brothers and sisters so we wish the same for them. In our house, you will always hear "be nice to your brother (or sister), that's your best friend!" We are originally from NYC, but fell in love with the countryside, built a business here and now call it home. Our story...

Ours is a love story that was destined to happen. Our lives crossed paths a ridiculous number of times before we ever met - we are in the same extended family circle but never even knew of each other until the day we met, on at least three occasions we were both present at the same event but never met, we shared the same neighborhood for four years and never met, we had mutual acquaintances and friendships for years and still did not even know of each other. When we actually did meet, there was an instant attraction. You might say it was love at first sight or maybe fate working its magic. Whatever it was, it was strong. Seven months later we were married. We eloped (ha!) It was crazy, we were in love and we were committed to making it work. We have always stuck to our guiding principle: if you want to stay together no matter what... stay together. No matter what. We have learned that love is a choice. It is about commitment and loyalty and acceptance of each other. Those are the gifts of marriage.

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