Misc Packing Gear

Misc Packing Gear

Below you will find many useful items that make camp more comfortable, or make getting to camp more convenient.The majority of which are made right here in our facility in Denver Colorado, all have earned the Davis Tent name brand.

We use the highest quality materials and the best construction practices to produce a product we can be proud of.

One of the highlights from below is our five compartment saddle bags. These rugged bags are made from thousand denier Cordura® Nylon which has a urethane coating which makes them very water resistant normally we have a few colors in stock to choose from, and as you might guess orange is the most popular.

A very popular item amongst our day packers.

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  • panniers top pack 34Quick view

    Top Pack

    Top packs are a great place to haul "fluff" keeps everything together - and accessible. works with several models of our panniers (but not all) so check for compatibility. The panniers need to have the d-rings sewn in at the sided for the top pack straps. Or you can use the top pack with any pannier if you are using a lash rope. 2 foot wide x 3 foot long x 10 inches tall.
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  • saddle-bagQuick view

    Saddle Bags

    Several saddle bags to choose from our saddle bags come in a variety of colors and sizes to choose from. We have canvas, and a few nylon saddle bags. All constructed with pride and first grade materials which will provide many years of service. We stock two sizes of saddle bags regular and large. If you need a lot of space and a few more compartments look at our 5 compartment saddle bags.
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  • Leather Rifle ScabbardQuick view

    Large Leather Rifle Scabbard

    These leather scabbards give protection through the scrub and heavy brush. Available in two sizes. Both work well with a scoped rifle. Wider model works best for thick padded slings.
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  • Pommel BagQuick view

    Pommel Bag

    Pommel Bag,  Made from a superior piece of cordura nylon material.  Great for keeping things readily accessible like gloves, water bottle, binoculars, pistol  etc.
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  • Pack ScaleQuick view

    Pack Scale

    One of the easiest things you can do to eliminate problems on the trail is to balance your load. This pack scale is the answer. Has a sliding "stopper" so you can lift the load, set it down and then read the weight.
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  • Pack pad (Fleece pack pad)Quick view

    Oversized Pack Pad

    Give your pack animal a break! Buy a pad that was made for packing. (Larger than saddle blankets) Oversized pack pad measures 48" x 30" x 2
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  • Meat BagsQuick view

    Meat Bags

    Finally a bag big enough to do the job! Our oversized bags are made from 100% cotton with no treatments. This means there are no chemicals close to your meat. The cotton is breathable, allowing your meat to cool while providing protection from flies and insects. Sold individually or as a 4 bag set.
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  • Lash RopeQuick view

    Lash Rope With Nylon Rope

    We couldn't find a lash rope we liked, so we made this one. A curved hook does a superior job. Comes with two choices of rope 50' in length .
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  • HobblesQuick view

    Hobbles (Also Known as Utah Hobbles)

    Hobbles (Sometimes called utah hobbles) Heavy harness leather doubled and stitched.When not in use,just buckle around the horse's neck and you will have them nice and handy.
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  • Feed bagQuick view

    Feed Bag with Leather Bottom

    Made of heavy canvas with a shaped leather bottom and an adjustable leather strap. Comes with ventilation holes punched in leather patch. Best made feed bag on the market!
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  • Cowboy Bed RollQuick view

    Cowboy Bed Roll

    Keep your bed roll clean and dry with this 7'x17' bed tarp. Fold them over your sleeping bag to add layers of warmth. Seals with d-rings and snap hooks. Comes in two different weights of canvas.
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  • Roy website 7-15 -2016-047Quick view

    Boot Stirrups

    These oversized stirrups will work well with most packers footwear.
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  • 5 compartmentQuick view

    5 Compartment Saddle bag

    This saddle bag has five separate zippered compartments which really helps keep you organized. This is the ideal pack for a days trail ride or the weekend in the hills. We do like to caution our customers to use common (or not so common) sense when packing these bags, pay special attention to weight so you don't overload your animal. Several colors to choose from all at on low price.
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