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Summit Stoves

Whether you pack in on a horse or drive to camp, our stoves do the job right!

The top and door are made of 10-gauge steel, the front and back are made of 12-gauge and the body is a rolled 14-gauge. This stove of all-welded construction is airtight to ensure maximum burn time. The cylinder shape allows for expansion and contraction virtually eliminating warping. The top (cooking area) and the door have reinforcements welded to them to keep them flat. Our Stoves are one of the few stoves that come with all these options including the Coal Grate which is handy even if you are not burning coal. It allows the air to get under the wood and the ashes to fall through giving you a more complete burn.  All of the Summit Stoves require a 6" stovejack 

All our stoves come complete with:

  • Stainless Steel Water Heater
  • 5 pc. Nesting stovepipe
  • Warming Tray
  • Spark Arrestor
  • Coal Grate**
  • Damper
Our stove packages come with the Coal Grate (not all retailers make this part of the package). The grate is designed for coal, but will burn wood more efficiently as well because it allows the ash to fall through thus providing more air to the wood.

How to pack a stove

The Valley Wood Stove

Good For Tents 12' x 14' and smaller.
Stove dimensions: 24" Long x 14" Wide x 11" High

Shipping weight = 74 LBS

The Ridge Wood Stove

Good For Tents 12' x 14' thru 16' x 20'.
Stove dimensions: 28" Long x 16" Wide x 13" High

Shipping weight = 95 LBS

The Peak Wood Stove

Good For Tents 14' x 16' and up.
Stove dimensions: 28" Long x 18" Wide x 14.5" High

Shipping weight = 104 LBS


Four Dog Camp Stoves

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More efficient Heat, Safer, Great for cooking, USA Made

The Four Dog DX Camp Stove

1. MORE EFFICIENT HEAT: True airtight door with a high temp gasket for a air tight seal makes for a superior stove! You also get a baffled fire box that makes the stove 20-30% more efficient then other stoves, by forcing flames to go around the baffle before exiting the firebox. This means more heat and comfort to you, and it keeps the heat in the fire box--not up the pipe!

2. SAFER: The airtight door allows complete control of your burn. Close the air intake, and the fire is out--no run away fires. Baffle makes the stove safer by forcing flame and sparks to go around the baffle instead of straight up the stove pipe. Reduces chances of hot sparks or embers getting sucked up the pipe causing a fire or burn holes in the tent.

3. GREAT FOR COOKING: The baffle creates a hot spot on top of stove for cooking or boiling water. Without the hot spot made by the baffle, most of the heat would go up the stove pipe, forcing the stove operator to run the stove much hotter--which results in burning more wood, making more work, overheating the tent and increasing cooking times.

4. DURABILITY : The Four Dog Steel Stove shell is 13 gauge steel, with reinforced top and door opening. Door is 10 gauge steel. This stove is meant to take heavy use for years to come, and is built "mule tough" through and through.
5. LIFETIME GUARANTEE AGAINST BURN OUT: This means that your stove is guaranteed to not burn out--meaning the bottom will not burn through from hot fires or steady use. This is very important! Poorly made stoves (due to design or material choices) can literally have their bottom surface of the firebox burn out, or burn through. This is bad, and I guarantee you'll never have that problem with a Four Dog Stove. I build these stoves to last a lifetime and stand behind my work.


The Ellis Wood Stove

Lighter collapsible pack stove

The Ellis Wood Burning Pack Stove

This collapsible pack stove folds down to 1 1/2" tall.  Unfolded, it offers a sturdy platform for cooking and heating.   For those who want a lighter-weight stove that is packing friendly, this is just the ticket.  Spot welded throughout and comes with 4" nesting stove pipe.


  • Can heat up to a 14' x 16' tent
  • 14" x 14" x 23"  when unfolded
  • 14" x 23" x 1.5" when folded
  • Made with 18 gauge cold rolled steel
  • 4 inch nesting stove pipe included 
  • Appx.35 lbs
A 4" stove jack works best with this stove.
Shipping weight = 40 LBS

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Ellis Folding Pack Stove
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