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tent Floor Options and pricing

Our floors are made from a heavy vinyl (like a trucker's tarp).  We prefer this material for its toughness, ease of cleaning, and 100% waterproofness.  It's heavy enough to lie down without wrinkling when walked on.  Making a "snap in floor" unnecessary. We offer many choices when it comes to the configuration of flooring for your tent.  Which works best often depends on the conditions under which you use your tent.  We like the 3/4 floor in our tent because it allows a space for the wood-burning stove, while also providing a "mud room" in the front of the tent.  This gives you a good place to take off your dirty shoes and overalls without dirtying your living quarters.  As we don't usually get to hunt until late-season, we need to take our gear off inside the tent rather than outside where there might be two feet of snow.  We sell a lot of full floors with a zippered cut-out for the wood stove, which early season hunters or summer campers often prefer.  We also sell a solid floor with a fire mat that can be placed under the stove.

Keep in mind a sewn in floor and the internal frame pole system are NOT compatible.

Size of Tent

Full Loose Floor

Sewn In Floor

Sewn In Floor with zipper cut out

Loose Floor Zipper Cut

¾ Loose Floor

8 x 10

48.00 65.00 68.00 65.00 36.00

10 x 12

72.00 87.00 92.00 87.00 54.00

12 x 14

100.80 115.80 120.80 115.80 75.60

12 x 18

129.60 144.60 149.60 144.60 97.20

14 x 16

134.40 149.40 154.40 149.40 100.80

15 x 18

162.00 177.00 182.00 177.00 121.50

16 x 20

192.00 208.00 212.00 208.00 144.00
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