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Which material should I get?

For almost 60 years, the Davis family has been making tents in Colorado. Through these decades the three critical factors that go into making the highest quality tents have remained constant, they are:

  1. Cotton Canvas
  2. Fabric Treatments
  3. Canvas Construction

100% cotton is the preferred canvas for tents - WHY 100% COTTON? Breathability! The reason breathability is so important is to minimize and eliminate condensation. Just 4 people in a tent produce 2 liters of condensation from their breath in one night! Add to that other elements that put moisture into the air – boiling water, heating with propane, drying your clothing, etc. – and you create a wet interior. Properly treated cotton allows this moisture to escape through the tent, keeping you warm and dry.

Canvas treatments have become a critical factor differentiating a high quality from a lesser quality tent. SunforgerR has been the leader in the fabric treatment industry for more than 50 years because of its ability to retain the canvas’ natural ability to breathe without contributing to the fabric’s disintegration. - WHY SUNFORGERR TREATED COTTON? Breathability, Longevity!

The type of treatment used to make your tent resist the effects of ultra-violet (UV) light from the sun, repel water and mildew, or retard the spread of fire is a critical factor not only for its impact on breathability, but also on how long your tent will hold up.

If you tore a single piece of untreated canvas in half and then applied SunforgerR to one-half and a different treatment to the other, the SuforgerR treated half would perform best in terms of strength, ability to breathe, overall integrity, and longevity. Some would have you believe that all treatments are equal or a matter of brand preference...

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