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Save some money !!  

Buy an "Angle Kit" (just the black pieces) Then buy your own 1" EMT locally (available at any hardware store) and cut it to the lengths we provide. Saves the cut charge and a bunch on the shipping!                    

 3 column angle kit =  $150 click to order   4 column angle kit  = $199  click to order
Five column angle kit (fifteen angles) $250 click here to order

The clear space tent frames are constructed from 1" conduit.  This system provides a wide open space inside your tent. It is useful when hanging items such as lanterns, clothes, towels, et..

3 Column frame $343.00 available up to tents 16' long  ( 9 angles)  

4 Column frame $399.70 for tents up to 16' long and for tents between 16' - 25'  $435.08  ( 12 angles)

You can order the frames complete - Or angles only -  with a pull down menu when ordering your tent.

To Order a Tent Click Here


To check and see if our angles will work with your tent

Take these measurments off your tent and send them to us and we will do the math and see what degree your tent is.

How to measure your wall tent for an internal frame

A. - Ridge length  - (from front of tent to back of tent)

B. - From edge of tent back to the center of the grommet at the ridge (Note: not all tents have ridge grommets)

C. - Width of tent. Measure both front and back with door closed - do NOT include the eave.

D. - Slope Measure from top of the tent to the eave seam DO NOT include the eave see drawing.

E. - Wall height - measure between the eave and the ground, once again do not include the eave

*****TRICK**** -- Measure all measurments in SEVERAL places and take an average.


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