Just got my Big Boy cot and this thing is sturdy! I can't wait to thrown on my thick air/foam pad and sleeping bag and finally get some relief from sleeping on the ground all these years. I can see it being used as an extra bed when traveling too.

Jay Renner,

Just picked up my tent and wood stove from Davis Tent & Awning. When it came to my wants/needs the guys at DTA were very helpful. The customer service is top notch. I would highly recommend DTA to anyone looking for any of their products they provide. Thank you to everyone at Davis Tent & Awning.

Steve Schulke,

The tents and products provided by davis tents are amazing the tents are water proof and set up easy. The wood burning stoves are great and keep you warm and toasty . I have had mine for about 10 years now with no problems what so ever highly recommend for any hunter.

Marc Chance,

Davis Tent & Awning (DTA) is awesome! As per our arrangement I met them at the sportsmans expo in SLC. I liked everything I saw and ordered a 16x20 tent with a lot of options. They rushed my order and sent the tent to me promptly.

UPS hammered some of the boxes that contained cots. I called DTA, and they ended up sending me replacement bags that were damaged during shipping (UPS' fault, not DTA). In addition, I decided to order another bag for the tent floor, fly, and angles. It was the deluxe bag, and should have been $50, but when I opened up the box there was a handwritten note in there telling me there was no charge! Customer service at its best.

I would easily recommend them to anyone looking for anything they provide. It has been a great experience. I would definitely buy from them again. Their shipping prices via UPS are low too.

John Harmon - Cold Creek Works,